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Entry #1

Haha, So apparently I don't completely suck.

2010-03-30 13:07:44 by LupeGarcon

Turns out that people actually like what i'm putting up now. Which is awesome. And yet it sucks because now i have to go through and get rid of all the shit that put up when i was still a kid. Or not. Either way, if you're reading this, i'm doing better than i thought I would. I should have a new song out, let's say, in the next week or so. And if i don't, Then piss off, i'll have it out sooner or later.~ciao, chris


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2010-03-30 13:11:40

Yeah yeah, you rock and are a musical genius, now get back to work.

LupeGarcon responds:

*mumbling string of curses* Yes sir! I'm on it Sir! *hdahfgasydgfajdgfasdg* -chris-


2010-04-11 21:21:02

What happened to B L A C K L I G H T????
I'm almost depressed that it's not on newgrounds anymore :(

LupeGarcon responds:

had to re upload. It's back up now, Along with my latest finished work, Just Like Me. Check it out, and thanks for the support man. Helps me keep working. -chris-