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Jazz Indie Cock Rock V2.0

2010-12-18 14:31:56 by LupeGarcon

Well, i took down "the Surgeon's House" because you fuckers zero bombed the shit out of it. I hate you all. I'm off to drown my pitiful existence in booze and cheap hookers. In the meantime, I just put "The Requiem" up. It's not Jazz. It's not Indie. YOU CAN"T HANDLE MY COCK ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazz Indie Cock Rock?

2010-12-12 12:46:06 by LupeGarcon

Just got a new track up. "The Surgeon's House." It's a piece i've trying to finish up for a long time and now I have. But the good news of this post is that This was not a solo track. The credits are as follows:
Travis G: Vocals
Chris: Guitar/bass/mixing
Danny V (the N1NJ4): Drums

And that, folks, just so happens to be the line up of our newly reformed band. We're working on cranking out some new shit, so be patient.... Anyway, that's it. PISS OFF. -chris-

Hello people, once again. This week we have GOOD news and SHIT news. For you, that is. I have just finished and uploaded "Money Shot," my latest song. Also, i have recovered from my bad case of Streptococcus. That's the GOOD news. The SHIT is that I might not be putting up that much more solo work in the near future, as I am about to reform one of my old bands. However, i do still have a few more pieces to keep you guys happy before i go. After we start writing and recording, I will be posting all of our songs on here as well, so it's not all bad. I'll see you guys again next week. Until then, Keep an ear to the floor. Peace -chris-

Seriously guys, sorry it took forever to get this one out. It's been tough. I've got two or five more songs ready to be mixed and finished within the next few weeks so I'll try to have out ASAP. During the recording of "The Perspective," I had the streptococcus virus and it fucked my vocals up all to hell, but i liked how it sounded so i recorded a bunch of vocal tracks for some up coming songs just in case i wanted them to sound this way. Anywho, tell me what you think. You guys have been really good to me, and i appreciate your support. Keep it up and so will I. -chris-

Alright. Well it took a while but I finally wrapped up "Enemies" and started finishing up my next track. It should be out somewhat soon, but I can't promise anything due to the fact that I am overloaded with school and work. College is a bitch. Anyway, keep an ear to the floor and i'll keep in touch. Peace, -Chris-

For any of you that actually give a shit, I've got a new song out (just like me) and will soon be putting up another. Thanks to those of you that are following my work, I really appreciate the support, and to the zero bombers, fuck off. I'm working over time here, so, as soon as i can, I'll have the next one up. -chris-

Haha, So apparently I don't completely suck.

2010-03-30 13:07:44 by LupeGarcon

Turns out that people actually like what i'm putting up now. Which is awesome. And yet it sucks because now i have to go through and get rid of all the shit that put up when i was still a kid. Or not. Either way, if you're reading this, i'm doing better than i thought I would. I should have a new song out, let's say, in the next week or so. And if i don't, Then piss off, i'll have it out sooner or later.~ciao, chris